Kongo Kinshasa


Independence was granted to the Congo. A rebel movement freed the Belgian Congo from Belgium.

Joseph Kasavubu became president and Patrice Lumumba prime minister. He made Joseph Mobutu, a young military officer, his private secretary.

Two months after he took power a sub-committee of the US National Security Council authorized the assassination of Lumumba, with Mobutu later becoming president.


Congolese soldiers, holding Belgian and Congolese flags, take part in a military parade, in Kinshasa.

President Joseph Kabila called today for a "moral revolution" in the Democratic Republic of Congo at ceremonies marking the 50th anniversary of its independence from Belgium.
Congolese should put an end to "attacks on human life and dignity" and in particular the widespread rape that has become a feature of the guerrilla conflicts racking the vast nation, he said. Kabila also singled out "tribalism, regionalism, favouritism, irresponsibility, theft, embezzlement of public property and everything else contrary to values."

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This Day in 1960:

Patrice Lumumba and the MNC formed the first Congolese government in the run-up to the country's independence from Belgium, with Lumumba as Prime Minister and Joseph Kasavubu as President.

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This Day in 2010:

The sons of Congo's first democratically-elected leader, Patrice Lumumba, are to seek the prosecution for war crimes of 12 Belgian officials suspected of aiding their father's assassination in 1961.

"I want to know how he died. There are many books I can read and everything has been said, but there is no justice," said Guy Lumumba, the leader's youngest son.
"It is a father I am looking for, a father whom I still love, and I want to know why he was killed". "We are targeting the assassins. In Belgium, there are 12 of them. They are alive and we want them to answer for their ignoble acts before justice," he said.

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